Hideout in the Sun / Beauties in the Sun. 1960.

Hideout in the Sun is a 1960 nudist film, produced by Doris Wishman and co-directed by Wishman and Larry "Lazarus" Wolk. It stars Greg Conrad, Dolores Carlos and Earl Bauer.
Brothers Duke and Steve Martin (Conrad and Bauer) hold up a bank. Their escape plans go awry, however, and they kidnap Dorothy (Carlos) and force her to hide them at her members-only nudist camp. Steve and Dorothy spend the afternoon mingling with the camp's patrons and Steve grows increasingly fond of both Dorothy and of nudism. In order to protect her, Steve convinces Duke to flee the camp with him. After an argument, Duke knocks Steve unconscious and escapes with their ill-gotten gains into the Miami Serpentarium, a roadside attraction. Alerted by a clerk, a policeman arrives to arrest Duke, who is bitten by a cobra and dies. Meanwhile, Steve returns to the nudist camp, proclaims his love for Dorothy, and awaits his arrest. Dorothy promises to wait for his release.
Directors: Larry Wolk (as Lazarus L. Wolk), Doris Wishman.
Cast: Greg Conrad, Dolores Carlos, Earl Bauer, Carol Little, Ann Richards, Mary Line, Pat Reilly, Fran Stacey, Richard Falcon, Richard Schmitz.
USA, 1960.
Language: English.
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