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Toya. 1956.

NO. Toya er en norsk familiefilm fra 1956. Filmen var basert på Barnetimeboka som i 1955 ble produsert under ledelse av programlederen onkel Lauritz.
Halvparten av inntektene gikk til Flyktninghjelpen. Foruten å være innspilt i Tananger var filmen, som den første langfilm, innspilt i Stavanger. Til premieren ved Scala kino i Oslo ankom flyktningebarna i tog på Østbanestasjonen. Filmen ble svært populær og en gjenganger på kinoene.
Lille Toya blir foreldreløs i et europeisk land som er undertrykket av en fremmed makt. Hun kommer som flyktning til Norge og blir adoptert av en familie utenfor Stavanger. Men gleden over den nye tilværelsen varer ikke lenge. Toya blir urettmessig mistenkt for å ha stjålet penger. Hun rømmer fra sitt nye hjem for å prøve å løse vanskelighetene selv. Underveis treffer hun Trygve, en gutt på hennes egen alder. Han hjelper henne videre, og til slutt blir mysteriet med de forsvunne pengene løst.
EN. A little girl named Toya comes to Norway as a refugee and gets adopted by a family in Stavanger. A misunderstanding makes Toya suspected of stealing from her new family. Toya runs away from home.
Director: Eric Heed.
Cast: Aleidis Skard, Harald Heide Steen, Gøril Havrevold, Aud Salveson, Magne Ove Larsen, Gunnar Olram, Eric Heed, Thor Inge Kristiansen, Inger Worren, Torhild Lindal, Reidun Lundgren, Erling Lindahl, Bjørg Sandøy, Aslaug Øye.
Norway, 1956.
Language: Norwegian.
Download Toya:




Goldilocks and the Three Bares / Goldilocks' Three Chicks. 1963.

Goldilocks and The Three Bares is a 1963 nudie-cutie film from the legendary exploitation team of Herschell Gordon Lewis and David F. Friedman. The title has absolutely nothing to do with the famous fable which inspired the title. Appropriately billed as the "first nudist musical" (not to be confused with The First Nudie Musical, 1976), it has considerably more depth than their prior attempts at this genre.
Nightclub singer Eddie and comedian Tommy, working in a roaring twenties style club, meet and being dating publicist Allison and photographer Cynthia, respectively. They soon discover that the women spend weekends at a nudist club which the guys disaprove.
Director: Herschell Gordon Lewis.
Cast: Rex Marlow, Allison Louise Downe, William Kerwin, Netta Mallina, Gene Berk, Judy Parsons, Craig Maudslay Jr., William R. Johnson.
USA, 1963.
Language: English.
Download Goldilocks and the Three Bares / Goldilocks' Three Chicks. 1963:
https://flashbit.cc/t084bzuqybv1/Goldil … 3.rar.html




Oh Marbella!. 2003.

Welcome to Marbella, the original Costa del Sol paradise for the rich and famous and for those wishing they were. It's where the crazy worlds of dreamers, nudists, killers and anti goat hurlers collide to spectacular effect and where trusting your `natural` instincts can have the most amazing results!
Director: Piers Ashworth.
Cast: Rik Mayall, Tom Bell, Mike Reid, Geoff Bell, Craig Kelly, Charlotte Lucas, Lara Belmont, Roland Manookian.
Spain, UK, 2003.
Language: English.
Download Oh Marbella!. 2003:
https://flashbit.cc/koqdviikhb1e/Oh-Mar … 3.rar.html




Ci qing / Tattoo / Spider Lilies. 2007.

Spider Lilies (Chinese: 刺青; pinyin: Cì Qīng; literally: "Tattoo") is a 2007 Taiwanese drama film. It is the second feature-length film by director Zero Chou, and stars Rainie Yang and Isabella Leong in the lead roles. Spider Lilies was screened at the 2007 Berlin International Film Festival, where it won the Teddy Award for Best LGBT-related Feature Film. It was released in the United States by Wolfe Video on 6 May 2008.
The theme song "Xiao Mo Li" ("小茉莉"), performed by Rainie Yang, received a Golden Horse Award nomination for Best Original Film Song at the 44th Golden Horse Awards.
When Jade, a web-cam girl visits Takeko's tattoo studio she becomes entranced with the image of the spider lily and with Takeko as well. In order to get closer to the object of her desire, Jade asks Takeko to give her the same lily tattoo, challenging Takeko's monastic existence and opening up memories which threaten to tear the two women apart.
Director: Zero Chou.
Cast: Rainie Yang, Isabella Leong, Kris Shen, Jay Shih, Ping-han Hsieh, Michio Hayashida, Ivy Yi-Han Chen, Chih-Ying Pai, Hsiu Li, Tsui-Yee Wong, Cheng-Ju Shan, Yu-Chieh Cheng, Jag Huang, Chieh Chang, Sam Wang.
Taiwan, 2007.
Language: Mandarin.
Subtitles: English, Russian.
Download Ci qing / Tattoo / Spider Lilies:
https://flashbit.cc/2my2minoyqam/Spider … 7.rar.html




Ognennoye Detstvo. 1976.

Ognennoye Detstvo, the 1976 Yuri Shvyryov Russian military melodrama about the events of the Civil War. A small railway station in the Kuban is captured by the whiteguards. The boys organize the Yunarmy and ask commissar Subbotin to become their mentor...
Director: Yuri Shvyryov.
Cast: Petya Gorkin, Alyosha Bakinov, Stanislav Sokolov, Sasha Rebeko, Anna Nazaryeva, Yury Kuzmenkov, Daniil Netrebin, Gennady Yukhtin, Alexei Vanin, Yuri Medvedev, Yevgeny Krasavtsev, Alexander Porokhovschikov, Stanislav Hitrov, Yevgeny Karelskikh.
USSR, Kinostudiya imeni M. Gorkogo, 1976.
Language: Russian.
Download Ognennoye Detstvo:
https://flashbit.cc/uyrs26oxisp1/Ognenn … 6.rar.html




Passazhir s "Ekvatora". 1969.

The old Soviet movie about the heroic pioneers and evil enemy spies. During a trip to the international summer camp with young Estonian swimmer Ilmar happens strange story...
Director: Aleksandr Kurochkin.
Cast: Arina Aleynikova, Yuri Chekulayev, Leonid Dovlatov, Nikolay Gorlov, Tanya Goryachkina, Vladimir Kenigson, Jüri Krjukov, Sergei Makridin, Aleksandr Martynov, Vitya Morus, Vyacheslav Tsyupa, Igor Pushakov.
USSR, Kinostudiya imeni M. Gorkogo, 1969.
Language: Russian.
Download Passazhir s "Ekvatora":
https://flashbit.cc/mcdxsgykhgmv/Passaz … 0.rar.html




El niño pez / The Fish Child. 2009.

The Fish Child (Spanish: El niño pez) is a 2009 Argentine drama film directed by Lucía Puenzo. The film is a loose adaptation of Puenzo's first novel of the same name. The film premiered in the Panorama section at the 59th Berlin International Film Festival.
Lala, a teenager from the most exclusive suburban neighborhood in Argentina is in love with the Guayi, the 20-year-old Payaguayan maid working at her place. They dream of living together in Paraguay, at the shores of lake Ypoa. Robbing every purse and wallet in the house to fulfill their dream, hiding the money in a shoe box. But when the box is full, it bursts, fueled by desire, jealousy and rage. This is the starting point that spurs the escape through the highway that connects the North of Buenos Aires with Paraguay. While Lala waits to be reunited with her lover in Ypoa by reconstructing her past (the mystery surrounding her pregnancy and the legend of a fish child who guides the drowned to the bottom of the lake), the Guayi is detained in a minors institute in the outskirts of Buenos Aires. She turns out to be hiding a crime from long ago.
Director: Lucia Puenzo.
Cast: Inés Efron, Mariela Vitale, Pep Munné, Diego Velázquez, Carlos Bardem, Arnaldo André, Ailín Salas, Sandra Guida, Julián Doregger, Paloma Contreras, Darío Valenzuela, Jerónimo Perassolo, Sergio Lapegüe.
Argentina, France, Spain, 2009.
Language: Spanish, Russian.
Subtitles: Russian.
Download El niño pez / The Fish Child:
https://flashbit.cc/h72ns4hw1qe5/El-nin … 9.rar.html




Baby Blues. 2008. HD.

This film may remind The Night of the Hunter, not only because of the same theme of a kid fighting an adult and trying to protect siblings, but also for the quality of suspense, directing and acting.
The frightening atmosphere and violence of Haute Tension (High Tension) is also there. Corn fields at night have been used in many films, and here again in a scary chase. There are in fact, many individual elements that have been seen elsewhere, such as Mom breaking the door with a chopper, similar to Jack using an axe in The Shining, and more that I will let you identify easily. But it would be a mistake to think that the director/writer has just stolen ideas from other films of this category. He has made a terrific job, because more than in many of these films, the story is actually believable. It says during the opening that it is based on actual events. It is possible, even if it cannot be the exact story as shown in the film.
For all those who enjoyed the masterpieces of terror that I mentioned, and to which it can be compared, I strongly suggest to watch it.
Directors: Lars E. Jacobson, Amar Singh Kaleka.
Cast: Colleen Porch, Aiden Kersh, Ridge Canipe, Sean Johnson, Holden Thomas Maynard, Kali Majors, Joel Bryant, Gene Witham, Tanner Ethan Todd, Chip Lane, Noelle Monteleone, Jeffrey Hill.
USA, 2008.
Language: English, Russian.
1280x720 HD
Download Baby Blues:
2 parts archive:
https://flashbit.cc/pmoa8cu5nixa/Baby-B … 1.rar.html
https://flashbit.cc/k4xlp48dusyj/Baby-B … 2.rar.html




Candid-HD - Family Nudist Fun.

Format : WMV / 1920x1080 HD
Duration : 57 min
File Size : 2950 MB
Download Candid-HD - Family Nudist Fun:




Hideout in the Sun / Beauties in the Sun. 1960.

Hideout in the Sun is a 1960 nudist film, produced by Doris Wishman and co-directed by Wishman and Larry "Lazarus" Wolk. It stars Greg Conrad, Dolores Carlos and Earl Bauer.
Brothers Duke and Steve Martin (Conrad and Bauer) hold up a bank. Their escape plans go awry, however, and they kidnap Dorothy (Carlos) and force her to hide them at her members-only nudist camp. Steve and Dorothy spend the afternoon mingling with the camp's patrons and Steve grows increasingly fond of both Dorothy and of nudism. In order to protect her, Steve convinces Duke to flee the camp with him. After an argument, Duke knocks Steve unconscious and escapes with their ill-gotten gains into the Miami Serpentarium, a roadside attraction. Alerted by a clerk, a policeman arrives to arrest Duke, who is bitten by a cobra and dies. Meanwhile, Steve returns to the nudist camp, proclaims his love for Dorothy, and awaits his arrest. Dorothy promises to wait for his release.
Directors: Larry Wolk (as Lazarus L. Wolk), Doris Wishman.
Cast: Greg Conrad, Dolores Carlos, Earl Bauer, Carol Little, Ann Richards, Mary Line, Pat Reilly, Fran Stacey, Richard Falcon, Richard Schmitz.
USA, 1960.
Language: English.
Download Hideout in the Sun / Beauties in the Sun. 1960:
https://flashbit.cc/b6voa3dm5tec/Hideou … 0.rar.html




Da Lotte blev usynlig. 1988.

DK. Da Lotte blev usynlig er en børne-tv-serie i seks afsnit, der havde premiere 2. januar 1988. Serien blev instrueret af Linda Wendel, der også skrev manuskriptet. Serien handler om syvårige Lotte (spilles af Mathilde Gersby Rasmussen), der bliver usynlig, hvis hun trykker på sin navle. Serien er en filmatisering af bogen af samme navn, skrevet af Thorstein Thomsen i 1982.
Lotte på næsten 7 år, bor i et parcelhuskvarter med sin mor, Gudrun, sin far Jørgen og sin storebror, Øffe. Da Lotte og Øffe en dag er alene hjemme, opdager Lotte noget mærkeligt: hun har fået en underlig KNAP på maven. Når hun drejer på den, forsvinder hun.Øffe øjner straks chancen for at tjene penge på Lotte, sammen med Mads, laver de et trylleshow. Men Øffe glemmer at dele pengene med de andre. Men Lotte ved hvordan hun skal få skovlen under Øffe…
EN. The series about seven year old Lotte who becomes invisible if she pressed her belly button. The series is an adaptation of the book of the same name, written by Thorstein Thomsen in 1982.
Director: Linda Wendel.
Cast: Mathilde Gersby Rasmussen, Casper Hjulmand, Anne Marie Helger, Finn Nielsen, Jan Ehler Carlsen, Ole Thestrup, Hannah Bjarnhof, Niels Sleimann, Michel Belli, Jeppe Marsling, Laura Søndergaard, Lise Schrøder, Hans Henrik Voetmann, Marie Schier Olsen, Julie Lund, Birgit Zinn.
Denmark, 1988.
Language: Danish.
Download Da Lotte blev usynlig:
https://flashbit.cc/qbl5y70tf621/Da-Lot … 8.rar.html




Last Day of Summer. 1984.

This rarely seen television film was one of the first dramas to be shown on Channel 4 in Britain. Brothers Tom and Pete live in their late parents' sprawling home deep in the English countryside on the banks of the River Thames. Pete, being old enough to inherit the house, decides to open it as a commune, in keeping with his hippie leanings, and reflecting the era in which the film is set, and when a vacancy occurs he decides to take the first person who applies. Jenny, played by Annette Badland, then joins the commune completing the diverse range of characters. Initially her plain looks and shy personality are the subject of some ridicule from the others, but soon her warmth and kindness wins everybody over, and she and young Tom, who is still a boy grieving for his parents and obviously lonely amongst a houseful of adults, form a strong bond. Jenny become a big sister for Tom, and Tom shows suburbanite Jenny the wonders of the countryside in the full bloom of high summer. They spend time picnicking and boating on the river in Tom's boat, and the summer passes lazily by until the last day of the school holidays when the drama begins. Just about everything in this film is pretty near perfect. The acting is sensitive and credible, the haunting piano score is spot on and the attention to detail is breathtaking - the posters on the wall of Tom's bedroom are obviously genuine 1960s articles. But it is the cinematography that really shines. Rarely has the Berkshire countryside looked more lush, and the interiors are moodily lit, with shafts of sunlight peeking through both the permanently closed heavy curtains and the marijuana smoke.
Director: Derek Banham.
Cast: Annette Badland, Graham McGrath, James Gaddas, Christine Winter, John Telfer, Saskia Reeves.
UK, 1984.
Language: English.
Download Last Day of Summer:
https://flashbit.cc/pidv23ynj85c/Last-D … 4.rar.html




La teta y la luna / The Tit and the Moon. 1994.

The Tit and the Moon (Spanish: La Teta y la luna) is a 1994 Spanish/French film, directed by Bigas Luna. It entered the competition at the 51st Venice International Film Festival.
The film is about a nine-year-old boy's (Biel Durán as Tete) obsession with women's breasts. Tete becomes jealous of his baby brother who is breast fed by their mother. Tete goes on a personal mission to find the perfect pair of lactating breasts to feed on. Estrellita, a beautiful Portuguese dancer (Mathilda May) arrives in town, the answer to Tete's prayers. Unfortunately for Tete, Estrellita is the attention of many men's affections including her husband Maurice (Gérard Darmon), an older man working as the other half of her travelling act, and attractive Flamenco-singing teenager Miguel (Miguel Poveda). With this amount of competition will Tete fulfil his wish?
Director: Bigas Luna.
Cast: Biel Duran, Mathilda May, Gérard Darmon, Miguel Poveda, Abel Folk, Laura Mañá, Genís Sánchez, Xavier Massé, Victoria Lepori, Xus Estruch, Jane Harvey, Vanessa Isbert, Jordi Busquets, Diego Fernández, Salvador Anglada, Javier Bardem.
Spain, France, 1994.
Language: Russian (Spanish, French).
Download La teta y la luna / The Tit and the Moon:
https://flashbit.cc/tng7esg3y7sx/La-Tet … 4.rar.html




Yo, 'El Vaquilla'. 1985.

ES. Yo, el Vaquilla es una película de 1985 dirigida por José Antonio de la Loma y protagonizada por Raúl García Losada que narra la vida del delincuente El Vaquilla.
El propio Juan José Moreno Cuenca, más conocido como "El Vaquilla", cuenta en primera persona las experiencias que ha vivido con el paso de los años. Desde su dura infancia hasta sus años como delincuente en la Barcelona de los años 70 y 80. Está dirigida por el realizador José Antonio de la Loma (Perros callejeros).
"El Vaquilla" nació en el barrio barcelonés de Torre Baró. Desde pequeño tuvo que sufrir las idas y venidas de su madre a la cárcel y el abandono de un padre del que poco supo. Rodeado de hermanos que también fueron delincuentes, "El Vaquilla" no tardó en empezar a cometer delitos. A los 9 años tenía una sorprendente habilidad para escapar de la policía conduciendo coches que él mismo reparaba. La película nos cuenta con detalle los robos que preparaba junto a sus conocidos y sus habituales estancias en los reformatorios de la ciudad.
EN. Juan Jose Moreno Cuenca, alias the Heifer, is 23 years old and tells his story as a criminal offender from 1 Ocaña Toledo. Fatherless, the offender has his childhood and how everything changed when her mother went to prison.
Directors: José Antonio de la Loma Jr., José Antonio de la Loma.
Cast: Raúl García Losada, Teresa Giménez, Carmen de Lirio, Frank Braña, Daniel Medrán, Mingo Ràfols, Nat Collado, Rafael Motos, Lino Evangelista, Eva Robin, Rebeca Romer, Ángel Fernández Franco, Juan José Moreno Cuenca, Xavier Vinader, Carmen Serret.
Spain, 1985.
Language: Spanish.
Subtitles: English.
Download Yo, 'El Vaquilla':
https://flashbit.cc/ouhm92u7qyg1/Yo-el- … 5.rar.html




Ginger & Rosa. 2012.

Ginger & Rosa is a 2012 drama film written and directed by Sally Potter and distributed by Artificial Eye. The film premiered at the Toronto International Film Festival on 7 September 2012, and was released on 19 October 2012 in the United Kingdom.
London, 1962. Two teenage girls - Ginger and Rosa -- are inseparable; they play truant together, discuss religion, politics and hairstyles, and dream of lives bigger than their mothers' frustrated domesticity. But, as the Cold War meets the sexual revolution, and the threat of nuclear holocaust escalates, the lifelong friendship of the two girls is shattered - by the clash of desire and the determination to survive.
Director: Sally Potter.
Cast: Elle Fanning, Alice Englert, Annette Bening, Alessandro Nivola, Christina Hendricks, Jodhi May, Luke Cloud, Poppy Bloor, Magdalene Mountford, Brock Everitt-Elwick, Max Scully, Marcus Shakesheff, Timothy Spall.
UK, Denmark, Canada, Croatia, 2012.
Language: Russian (English).
Download Ginger & Rosa:
https://flashbit.cc/wic242ogoaev/Ginger … 2.rar.html




Pro Vityu, pro Mashu i morskuyu pekhotu / About Vitya, Masha, and Marines. 1973. DVD.

Old Soviet feature film for children, diploma thesis director of director Mikhail Ptashuk.
Six years old Vitya lives with his parents in the Army base where he meets new friends and has a lot of adventures.
Director: Mikhail Ptashuk.
Cast: Aleksandr Abdulov, Tamara Abrosimova, Natalya Borisevich, Nikolay Boyarskiy, Stanislav Franio, Ivan Mykolaichuk, Tatyana Sheliga, Galina Sulima, Sergei Svetlitsky.
USSR, Odessa Film Studio, 1973.
Language: Russian.
Download DVD Pro Vityu, pro Mashu i morskuyu pekhotu / About Vitya, Masha, and Marines:
https://flashbit.cc/xnxxxn4vfiw4/Pro-Vi … 3.rar.html




Eva - den utstötta. 1969.

SE. Eva Blom 14 år, skämmer ut sina fosterföräldrar i småstaden. Hon blottar sig för en uteliggare och polisanmäls. Det visar sig att Eva haft sex med olika män i utbyte mot en smula vänlighet och en chokladkaka. Vid otuktsrättegången får hon kämpa mot stadens kommunalpamp, som också utnyttjat flickan.
EN. A girl of 14 is embarrassing her foster parents. She exposes herself to a homeless and police. It turns out that the girl has had sex with various men in exchange for a little kindness and chocolate. At fornication trial she has to face the city's municipal chief, who also has abused the girl.
Director: Torgny Wickman.
Cast: Solveig Andersson, Hans Wahlgren, Barbro Hiort af Ornäs, Einar Axelsson, Jan-Eric Lindquist, Segol Mann, Göthe Grefbo, Maud Hyttenberg, Börje Nyberg, Caroline Christensen, Arne Ragneborn, Inger Sundh.
Sweden, 1969.
Language: Swedish.
Download Eva - Den Utstötta:




Sweet Movie. 1974. DVD.

Sweet Movie is a 1974 avant-garde art house comedy-drama film written and directed by Yugoslavian director Dušan Makavejev.
An international co-production of companies from France, Canada, and West Germany, the film follows two women: a Canadian beauty queen, who represents a modern commodity culture, and a captain aboard a ship laden with candy and sugar, who is a failed communist revolutionary.
One narrative follows Miss Monde 1984/Miss Canada, who wins a contest of the "most virgin"; her prize is the marriage to a milk industry tycoon. However, following his degrading puritanical introduction to intercourse, she vents her intention to leave to her mother-in-law who, at that point, nearly has her killed. The family bodyguard takes her away, further humiliates her, and finally packs her in a trunk bound for Paris. She finds herself on the Eiffel Tower, where she absently meets and has intercourse with a Latin singer, El Macho. The sexual act is interrupted by touring nuns who frighten the lovers into penis captivus. In her post-coital shocked state, she is adopted into an artist community led by Otto Muehl, where she finds affectionate care. The commune practices some liberating sessions, where a member, with the assistance of the others, goes through a (re)birth experience, cries, urinates and defecates like a baby, while the others are cleaning and pampering him. Later she is seen acting for an obscene advertisement, in which she is naked, covered in liquid chocolate.
The second narrative involves a woman, Anna Planeta piloting a candy-filled boat in the canals of Amsterdam, the Netherlands, with a large papier-mache head of Karl Marx on the prow. She picks up the hitchhiking sailor Potemkin, though she warns him that if he falls in love, she will kill him. He ignores her many suggestions for him to leave and their relationship evolves. Eventually, in the state of love making, she stabs him to death in their nidus of sugar. She also seduces children into her world of sweets and revolution. She is eventually apprehended and arrested by the police who lay down plastic sacks containing the children's bodies on the side of the canal, implying they too have been killed by Planeta. The film ends with the children, unseen by the others, being reborn from their plastic cocoons.
Director: Dušan Makavejev.
Writers: France Gallagher (collaboration), Dušan Makavejev.
Cast: Carole Laure, Pierre Clémenti, Anna Prucnal, Sami Frey, Jane Mallett, Roy Callender, John Vernon, Hansi Roll, Therese Schulmeister, Renata Steiger, Berndt Stein, Herbert Stumpfl, Otto Muehl, Catherine Sola, Louis Bessières.
France, Canada, West Germany, 1974.
Language: English, French, Polish, Spanish, Italian, Russian.
Subtitles: English, Russian.
Download DVD Sweet Movie. 1974:
https://flashbit.cc/gdnlkk0zf7a0/Sweet- … D.rar.html




Maladolescenza / Spielen wir Liebe / Puppy Love. 1977.  DVD.

A teen boy grows from playing and fighting with his German-shepherd dog, to playing kids and adult games with two equally young girls, in a dream-like forest which eventually turns eerie, and somber.
Director: Pier Giuseppe Murgia.
Cast: Lara Wendel, Eva Ionesco, Martin Loeb, shepherd Xylot.
Italy, Germany, 1977.
Language: German, Russian.
Subtitles: English.
Format : DVD5 / 720x576
Duration : 91 min
File Size : 4330 MB
Download DVD Maladolescenza / Spielen wir Liebe / Puppy Love:




The Hummingbird Tree. 1993.

The Hummingbird Tree is a film directed by Noella Smith and starring Patrick Bergin, Niall Buggy and Sunil Ramjitsingh. It was filmed in Trinidad and Tobago in 1992 by the BBC. The script of the movie, by Jonathan Falla, was based on the book The Hummingbird Tree, written by Ian McDonald (Guyanese writer) and first published by Heinemann (publisher) in 1969. The book was republished by Macmillan Publishers in 2004.
Set in 1946 in Trinidad. Tells the story of the friendship between Alan, the 12-year-old son of well-off Catholic parents, and Jaillin and Kaiser, two local East Indian children.
Director: Noella Smith.
Cast: Patrick Bergin, Susan Wooldridge, Tom Beasley, Desha Penco, Sunil Y. Ramjitsingh, Valerie Laurent Stevens, Clive Wood, Rebecca Aldred, Bret Kenny, Kirk Collins, Charles Applewaite, Roger Roberts, Joseph Gilbert.
UK, 1992.
Language: English.
Download The Hummingbird Tree:
https://flashbit.cc/8du7ahb0eyhj/Hummin … 2.rar.html




Nude Euro Beaches 2018. Part 24.

Format : MP4 / 1280x720 HD
Duration : 60 min
File Size : 1320 MB
Download Nude Euro Beaches 2018. Part-24:
https://flashbit.cc/1aa8t0910yc8/Euro_B … 4.rar.html




I mavri Emmanouella / Emanuelle: Queen of Sados / Emanuelle's Daughter. 1980. DVD.

After years of abuse at the hands of her husband, a woman, Emmanouella, is pushed to the breaking point. She hires a hitman to do in her husband, but just when she thinks her troubles are at an end, the assassin blackmails her. As her husband's business partner struggles to prove her guilt, and as the hitman continues to threaten her new found security, Emmanouella struggles to keep her name clear and to keep her naive stepdaughter from becoming tangled in the web of danger she has created.
This is one of several films made to cash in on the success of the Black Emanuelle film series created by Bitto Albertini and continued by Joe D'Amato and Bruno Mattei. Though the film stars Laura Gemser (the star of the Black Emanuelle series) and she plays a character named Emanuelle (Emmanouella), it has nothing to do with the photojournalist character Emanuelle from the original series.
Director: Ilias Mylonakos.
Cast: Laura Gemser, Gabriele Tinti, Livia Russo, Haris Tryfonas, Nadia Neri, Gordon Mitchell, Pantelis Agelopou, Vagelis Vartan, Elli Kiriakidou, George Zenios, Tarita, Kathrin Maalouf, Anda Vartholomeou, Helen Danezi.
Greece, Cyprus, 1980.
Language: English.
Exploitation Digital Trailers.
Photo Gallery.
Original Trailers.
DVD9, 720x480
Download I mavri Emmanouella / Emanuelle: Queen of Sados / Emanuelle's Daughter:
2 parts archive:
https://flashbit.cc/bj1uadyd3p4z/Emanue … 1.rar.html
https://flashbit.cc/n8cx2a26slt1/Emanue … 2.rar.html




O Filho da Prostituta / Aberrações de uma Prostituta. 1981.

PT. Aberrações de uma Prostituta é um filme brasileiro lançado em 1981 escrito e dirigido pela cineasta Francisco Cavalcanti.
Linda, uma bela prostituta que atende a elite, e engravidada por Clovis, um homem enriquecido pelo mundo do comercio. Nascem dois filhos, identicos, sendo que um e criado pela mae e outro fica sob a tutela do pai. Passa-se o tempo. Marcio, com a morte do pai, torna-se herdeiro de uma fortuna incalculavel. O outro garoto, criado por Linda, torna-se um marginal. Ao saber que possui um irmao gemeo, o marginal assassina Mario, ocupando o seu posto. O jardineiro da casa, Cabral, descobre o estratagema. Para escapar, o assassino ordena a seus capangas que todos os empregados e vizinhos da mansao sejam aprisionados, antes que alguem o delate a policia. No cumprimento da ordem, os capangas violentam as mulheres que lhes caem a mao. Os prisioneiros se organizam, tentam fugir, mas sao recapturados, e Cabral, baleado na fuga, e dado como morto. Cabral, contudo, recobra a consciencia e, com grande esforco, mata o falso Mario, perdendo seus capangas e libertando os prisioneiros.
EN. A prostitute gets pregnant by a wealthy businessman. Identical twins are born: one is raised by his father and the other by the mother.
Director: Francisco Cavalcanti.
Cast: Francisco Cavalcanti, Zilda Mayo, Joffre Soares, Joao Paulo Ramalho, Henrique Guedes, Denise Ongarelli, Ruy Leal, Henrique Guedes, Plácido Alexandre Júnior, Fabricio Cavalcanti.
Brazil, 1981.
Language: Portuguese.
Download O Filho da Prostituta / Aberrações de uma Prostituta:
https://flashbit.cc/cmsle3sde98a/O-Filh … 1.rar.html




No Child of Mine. 1997.

No Child of Mine is a 1997 British docudrama-television film on ITV starring Brooke Kinsella. It documents the true case of a girl named Kerry who was sexually abused throughout her childhood.
Thirteen-year-old Kerry is repeatedly sexually abused by several adults, including at one point her mother. Her father sets her up as a prostitute. Kerry finally calls Childline and is put in a safe house, where she tries to come to terms with what has been done to her. Based on a true story, with the names changed to protect the real Kerry's identity.
Several pupils from The Romsey Community School, one of the locations used in the film, were used as extras. One scene where Kerry is shown on the school bus features several of these pupils engaging in dialogue.
Director: Peter Kosminsky.
Cast: Stars:Brooke Kinsella, Colin Salmon, Billy Geraghty, Sharon Small, Geoffrey Church, Ginny Holder, Colin Wyatt, Darren Tighe, Kate Byers, Katie Lyons, J. Marie Cooper, Biddy Hodson.
UK, 1997.
Language: English.
Download No Child of Mine:
https://flashbit.cc/hfuhjq747jzo/No-Ch- … 7.rar.html




Svein og rotta / Svein and the Rat. 2006.

NO. Svein og rotta er en norsk barnefilm fra 2006. Filmen er basert på de tre første bøkene i Marit Nicolaysens bokserie om Svein og Rotta. Rollen som Svein spilles av Thomas Saraby Vatle.
Sveins bestevenn er hetterotta Halvorsen, mens alle andre synes at rotter er det ekleste som finnes. Svein og kompisen Dan er ganske alene helt til den nye jenta i klassen foreslår at de skal ta med seg rottene sine i den store kjæledyrkonkurransen. Problemene kommer da Halvorsen stikker av, og avisene skriver at både sykehuset og skolen må stenge på grunn av en invasjon av rotter. Svein må passe på at ikke mamma og pappa finner ut at det er Svein og Halvorsen som er skyld i alt oppstyret, for da kan han ende opp med å miste både Halvorsen og muligheten til å vinne konkurransen.
EN. Sveins best friend is the hooded rat Halvorsen, everyone else thinks rats are nasty. Svein and his buddy Dan is quite alone until the new girl in class suggests they take their roots its in the big pet contest. The problems come when Halvorsen runs away, and the newspapers write that both the hospital and the school must close because of an invasion of rats. Svein must make sure that no mom and dad find out that it's Svein and Halvorsen, who is to blame for all the fuss, because he might end up losing both Halvorsen and the opportunity to win the competition.
Director: Magnus Martens.
Cast: Thomas Saraby Vatle, Luis Engebrigtsen Bye, Celine Louise Dyran Smith, Benjamin Gulli, Miriam Sogn, Aslag Guttormsgaard, Rasmus Hoholm, Jan Gunnar Røise, Janny Hoff Brekke.
Norway, 2006.
Language: Norwegian, Russian.
Download Svein og rotta / Svein and the Rat:
https://flashbit.cc/1i99x0mpa41v/Svein- … 6.rar.html




Where the river runs black. 1986.

Where the River Runs Black is a 1986 film directed by Christopher Cain. The screenplay was written by Neal Jimenez and Peter Silverman, based on the novel Lazaro by David Kendall.
The film was entirely shot in Brazil, mostly in Belém and Rio Negro, Manaus.
Father O'Reilly, an older priest, tells the story of Father Mahoney, Eagle Woman, and their son Lazaro. It's magic realism in the Amazon. Mahoney is a radical priest who ventures upstream where the river runs black. He encounters the beautiful and enchanting Eagle Woman, who can change from a dolphin to a woman. A few years later, their child Lazaro witnesses inter-loping gold prospectors commit a brutal and traumatizing murder. He goes to the city in Father O'Reilly's care, and there he sees the murderer, who's a politician. Lazaro seeks revenge, which puts him in further danger. He runs back into the jungle, where the dolphins may be his best hope for help.
Director: Christopher Cain.
Cast: Charles Durning, Alessandro Rabelo, Ajay Naidu, Divana Brandão, Peter Horton, Castulo Guerra, Conchata Ferrell, Dana Delany, Chico Díaz, Marcelo Rabelo, Ariel Coelho, Paulo Sergio Oliveira, Mario Borges, François Thijm, Geraldo Salles.
USA, 1986.
Language: English, Russian.
Download Where the river runs black:
https://flashbit.cc/iwzfg7t3dfn8/Where- … 6.rar.html




Appassionata. 1974. HD.

IT. 1. Roma. Il dentista Emilio ha una moglie squilibrata, Elisa, che trascorre le giornate al piano a eseguire l'Appassionata di Beethoven, e una figlia adolescente, Eugenia, amica inseparabile di Nicola, disinibita coetanea che le seduce l'anziano genitore. Quando l'uomo si trova in un circolo vizioso, con la moglie ricoverata in una clinica psichiatrica e la figlia che cerca di sedurlo, è ormai troppo tardi: solitudine e depressione l'attendono.
2. l dottor Rutelli è un maturo dentista sposato con una pianista preda di continue crisi nervose ed esistenziali. Rutelli ha una figlia sedicenne, Eugenia, che lo adora morbosamente odiando, viceversa, la madre. Nicola è una disinibita amica di Eugenia che riesce a sedurre il dentista. Una notte, complice il buio, Eugenia si sostituisce all'amica nel letto del padre e completa così il suo amore filiale.
EN. Appassionata is a 1974 Italian erotic drama film. Two teenage friends conspire to find out how much their youthful sensuality can disrupt one of their households, headed by a dentist and his mentally-ill wife.
Otherworldly beauty Ornella Muti headlines this erotic drama centered on the tale of a woman who struggles with her sexual independence after entering into a loveless marriage of convenience. When the radiant beauty enters into a torrid affair with a man who opens her eyes to an exciting new world of erotic pleasure, the resulting scandal rocks her family to the very core.
Director: Gianluigi Calderone.
Cast: Gabriele Ferzetti, Ornella Muti, Eleonora Giorgi, Ninetto Davoli, Valentina Cortese, Jeanne Martinovic, Renata Zamengo, Carla Mancini, Luigi Antonio Guerra.
Italy, 1974.
Language: Italian, Russian.
Subtitles: English, Russian.
1920x1024 HD
Download Appassionata:
2 parts archive:
https://flashbit.cc/gr5wu3xa2r6w/Appass … 1.rar.html
https://flashbit.cc/u7ouo87iq2mo/Appass … 2.rar.html




Girl Model. 2011.

A documentary on the modeling industry's 'supply chain' between Siberia, Japan, and the U.S., told through the experiences of the scouts, agencies, and a 13-year-old model.
GIRL MODEL follows two protagonists involved in this industry: Ashley, a deeply ambivalent model scout who scours the Siberian countryside looking for fresh faces to send to the Japanese market, and one of her discoveries, Nadya, a thirteen year-old plucked from the Siberian countryside and dropped into the center of Tokyo with promises of a profitable career. After Ashley’s initial discovery of Nadya, the two rarely meet again, but their stories are inextricably bound. As Nadya’s optimism about rescuing her family from their financial difficulties grows, her dreams contrast against Ashley’s more jaded outlook about the industry’s corrosive influence.
Directors: David Redmon / Дэвид Редмон, Ashley Sabin / Эшли Сабин.
Cast: Ashley Arbaugh, Rachel Blais, Nadya Vall, Tigran Khachatrian.
USA, Russia, Japan, France, 2011.
Language: English, Russian.
Subtitles: English, Russian.
Download Girl Model:
https://flashbit.cc/6t57eegw9j78/Girl-M … 1.rar.html




Noce Blanche / White Wedding. 1989.

FR. Mathilde Tessier, une adolescente, tombe amoureuse de son professeur de philosophie, celui-ci possédant femme et maison charmante. Dans un premier temps, il répond à l'amour de son élève, mais cette passion, troublant l'harmonie de sa vie, va vite le déranger.
EN. A teacher of philosophy discovers a complicated pupil, a seventeen years old girl with a quite cynic and lucid view of the world. He gets involved in helping her to follow the routine of the study, but soon he is fascinated by her and they fall in a passionate love. When the teacher confronts their affair with reality he decides staying with her wife. But the girl will not accept it.
Director: Jean-Claude Brisseau.
Cast: Vanessa Paradis, Bruno Cremer, Ludmila Mikaël, François Négret, Jean Dasté, Véronique Silver, Philippe Tuin, Pierre Gabaston, Arnaud Goujon, Agnès Lemercier, Benoît Muracciole.
France, 1989.
Language: French, Russian.
Subtitles: English, Russian.
Download Noce Blanche / White Wedding:
https://flashbit.cc/d6g8yui7qk8w/Noce-b … 9.rar.html




Práče / Slingboy. 1960.

CZ. Film zachycující příhody malého českého chlapce Františka Bureše, osvobozeného Sovětskou armádou z nacistického koncentráku, který se dostane k armádnímu sboru bojujícímu o Dukelský průsmyk. Vojáci polní prádelny, k níž je František přidělen, si chlapce rázem zamilují. Avšak Práčeti - jak mu přezdívají podle nejmejších husitských bojovníků - se u prádelny nelíbí. Neustále se snaží dostat se do bojových akcí, aby také on mohl prokázat svou statečnost. Proto se vojáci rozhodnou, že ho naučí zacházet se zbraní a vyšlou ho jako spojku k dělostřelcům.
EN. A young Czech boy is freed from a concentration camp and ends up working for the army against the Germans.
Director: Karel Kachyňa.
Cast: Michal Koblic, Marie Magdolenová, Vladimír Hlavatý, Gustáv Valach, Vladimír Menšík, Oldřich Musil, Martin Ťapák, Stanislav Remunda, Miloslav Holub, Milan Holubář, Bohuš Záhorský, František Krahulík, Eva Jiroušková, Svatopluk Skládal, Jiří Těšík, Hana Houbová, Otakar Žebrák, Jindřich Narenta, Jan Pohan, Josef Vondráček, Václav Hladík, Antonín Černý, Ladislav Trojan, Irena Zintlová, Jaroslav Koutník, Arnošt Borovec, Miloš Mulač, František Suk.
Czechoslovakia, 1960.
Language: Czech.
Subtitles: Russian.
Download Práče / Slingboy:


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