Девушки у гинеколога / Madchen beim Frauenarzt / Girls at the gynecologist /Teenage Sex Report. 1971.

Очередной немецкий доклад, на этот раз о девушках у гинеколога. Снято в том же духе что и известный сериал "Доклад о школьницах" и прочие кинодоклады и тем же доктором Хофбауэром. Речь пойдёт о молодых девушках, которые по разным причинам пришли к врачу на приём: аборт, изнасилование, беременность, сохранность девственности и прочие вопросы, в развлекательной форме даётся немало полезных советов на основе опытных данных.
German "report" movie in the same tradition as the SCHOOLGIRL REPORT series. This film instead has us introduced to a doctor who tells us about various women who came into his office with various problems. These problems range from pregnancy, to a serious rape, an abortion gone wrong and even a case of STDs. Director Hofbauer was the king of these report movies as he did countless entries in the SCHOOLGIRL REPORT series as well as other rips like this one here. The main problem here is that this is just a cheap excuse to see various women naked. One might say that's the case with all of these report movies but I think the good ones have a bit of attitude, stylish writing and some funny stories that make them entertaining. This film here pretty much comes off fairly weak because none of the stories are all that entertaining. The best one probably dealt with a father who was worried about his virgin daughter but it turns out he didn't realize she was quite sexually active and had already got a STD. The rest of the stories are about the same quality wise but none of them feature any laughs, drama or even erotic tones. Fans of sexploitation or the German report films will probably want to watch this no matter how tame it is but I'd recommend other films from other series first. After you've seen them then you can try this one out.
Режиссер: Ernst Hofbauer.
В ролях: Monika Dahlberg, Christine Schuberth, Brigitte Harrer, Evelyne Traeger, Marion Abt, Barbara Eickhoff, Trautl Drechsler, Jutta Speidel.
Германия, Roxy Film, 1971.
Язык: немецкий, без перевода.
Предупреждаю: качество картинки вялое.
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